• Association of Regulatory Affairs Professionals
    (Registered Under The Societies Registration Act,XXI of 1860)
  • 30 Jan- Anti -Leprosy Day
  • FAQ's

    1. How can I become a member of ARAP?
        There are many ways you can become an ARAP Member:
    •    Download the membership form from www.arap.co.in/membership on www.arap.co.in
    •    Contact the ARAP office or Drishti Institute of Distance Leaning, Bangalore.
    •    Fill out an ARAP Membership form at an ARAP Seminar, Conference or Workshop.
    •    E-mail: info@arap.co.in
    2.  How do I contact The Association of Regulatory Affairs Professionals, (ARAP)?
    The Association of Regulatory Affairs Professionals,
     INDERLOK, NEW DELHI -110035
    Tel: +91-11-23120260
    Email to us:
    info@arap.co.in for general issues
    membership@arap.co.in for membership related issues
    registration@arap.co.in for registration for ARAP workshop, conferences and seminars

    3. Who do I talk to if I have a suggestion for a member service?
    If you have a suggestion for a member service or benefit, please e-mail membership@arap.co.in

    4.  Can I receive alerts about upcoming events?
    ARAP sends out updates about upcoming ARAP events and meetings. Your member profile must contain a valid email address for you to receive emails from ARAP.
    5.  How do I renew my annual subscription? Should I renew my subscription before expiry date?
    It is better to renew your annual subscription before expiry in order to enjoy uninterrupted member benefits and newsletters. To renew your annual subscription e-mail: membership@arap.co.in or contact ARAP office at +91-11-23120260.

    6.  How do I update my membership information?
    You can update your membership information by submitting required documents through E-mail: membership@arap.co.in or contact ARAP office at +91-11-23120260.


To improve and strengthen the trust in regulatory bodies by excess to timely useful and relevant health and safety information to all stakeholders and general public.

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To play a key role to fulfill the objectives of association and needs of its member’s by representing in various challenging environment’s and governmental authorities like-

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The Aims and Objectives of the Association are:
(a) To promote the Science, Pharmacy, Healthcare and research in all facet.

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