• Association of Regulatory Affairs Professionals
    (Registered Under The Societies Registration Act,XXI of 1860)
  • 13 to 19 Nov- World Antibiotic Awareness Week
  • 14 Nov-World Diabetes Day
  • Indian & European Regulatory & Quality Summit 2019 Date: 14-15 November 2019, Venue: The Park Hotel New Delhi,Online registration : www.arapconference.com
  • Members Details
    S.No Name Category Membership No
    1 Naresh Kumar Hasija Associate Member  ARAP/HR/17/A101
    2 Vasanth Samaga Associate Member  ARAP/KA/17/A101
    3 Ashutosh Kumar Pandey Associate Member  ARAP/KA/17/A102
    4 Jinish Dhar Associate Member  ARAP/KA/17/A103
    5 Dr. Mohd Amin Mir Nominated Member  ARAP/DL/17/N101
    6 N Ahmed Nominated Member  ARAP/DL/17/N102
    7 Harisankar T Associate Member  ARAP/KL/17/A201
    8 Dr. Ramakrishna Devaki Associate Member  ARAP/TG/17/A301
    9 Sapna Sharma Associate Member  ARAP/DL/17/A201
    10 Arun Mishra Associate Member ARAP/UP/17/A101
    11 Deepak Kumar Independent Member  ARAP/UP/17/I101
    12 Adarsh Kumar Independent Member  ARAP/DL/17/I102
    13 Ravindra B. Joshi Associate Member


    14 Sushmita Roy Chowdhury Honorary Member ARAP/DL/17/H302
    15 Dr. T.M.Pramod Kumar Honorary Member ARAP/KA/17/H301
    16 Dr. Gaurav K. Jain Honorary Member ARAP/DL/17/H301
    17 Priyanka Gupta Ordinary Member ARAP/HR/17/O401
    18 Rupesh N Kinekar Associate Member ARAP/KR/17/A104
    19 Malay J Barua Associate Member ARAP/KR/17/A105
    20 Dr. Mubeen Patel Associate Member ARAP/MH/17/A102
    21 Dr Neeraj Kumar Nominated Member ARAP/DL/17/N103
    22 Lubos Stejskal Honorary Member ARAP/INT/17/H101
    23 Deepesh Kumar Srivastava Associate Member ARAP/UP/18/A103
    24 Vaibhav Rokade Associate Member ARAP/MH/18/A103 
    25 Pradeep Kumar Associate Member ARAP/UP/18/A 102
    26 Kishore N Khanna Associate Member ARAP/UP/18/A103
    27 Venkatesh Chagi Associate Member ARAP/ KR/18/A106
    28 Sree Kumar Nominated Member ARAP/AP/18/N101
    29 Dr Aman Gupta  Honorary Member ARAP/HR/18/H301 
    30 RAMA D  Honorary Member  ARAP/JK/18/H301 
    31 Dr Pavan Pawar Associate Member ARAP/MH/19/A104 
    32 Prabhjot kaur Associate Member ARAP/DL/19/A202
    33 Saurabh Kumar Associate Member ARAP/UK/19/A101
    34 Atul Kumar Thakran Nominated Member ARAP/DL/19/N104
    35 Ritu Sharma Nominated Member ARAP/HR/19/N101











To improve and strengthen the trust in regulatory bodies by excess to timely useful and relevant health and safety information to all stakeholders and general public.

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To play a key role to fulfill the objectives of association and needs of its member’s by representing in various challenging environment’s and governmental authorities like-

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The Aims and Objectives of the Association are:
(a) To promote the Science, Pharmacy, Healthcare and research in all facet.

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