• Association of Regulatory Affairs Professionals
    (Registered Under The Societies Registration Act,XXI of 1860)
  • 1 Dec-World AIDS Day
  • 3 Dec-International Day of Persons with Disabilities
  • 9 Dec-World Patient Safety Day
  • 12 Dec-Universal Health Coverage Day
  • Rules & Regulations
    1. An application for membership of the association as an ordinary or associate or independent member shall be made to the Secretary General in the prescribed form. 
    2. The application for membership shall be sent to the Secretary General together with a cheque or DD for the prescribed fee and annual Fee.
    3. The committee shall take a decision on the application for membership within three months and its decision shall be final. The decision of the committee (whether acceptance or rejection of the application) shall be communicated by the Secretary General to the applicant.
    4. Where the application for membership is accepted by the committee, the membership of the applicant shall commence from the beginning of the financial year during which the application is accepted.
    5. Resignation by Members:
    A) A member of the association may resign, by giving to the Secretary General notice in writing of his intention to do and shall there upon cease to be a member, either immediately or from such date as may be mentioned in the notice in this regard.
    B) A member who has resigned shall nevertheless continue to be liable to the association for all amounts due from him to the association and for any other liability, which he might have incurred towards the association.
    6. Disqualification from Membership of Association:
     A) Disqualification: a person or individual shall be disqualified for being or for continuing ,as a member of the association if;
     i) He is found to be unsound mind by a competent court 
     ii) He is convicted by a court of an offence involving moral turpitude and is sentenced on such conviction, to imprisonment for not less than six months
     iii) If any change ,in case of name and address of member ,unless such changes are duly intimated to and are approved by the Executive committee
     iv) Non-payment of dues within a reasonable period after notification  
     v) Failure to attend five (5) consecutive General meeting without prior notice 
    B) Removal by the Executive Committee:
      i)The Executive Committee may after giving a member reasonable opportunity of hearing, remove the name of that member from the register of members, either for a specified period or indefinitely 
     ii)The Association will not be liable for refund of membership fees or other contributions received from the member under any of these circumstances.


To improve and strengthen the trust in regulatory bodies by excess to timely useful and relevant health and safety information to all stakeholders and general public.

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To play a key role to fulfill the objectives of association and needs of its member’s by representing in various challenging environment’s and governmental authorities like-

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The Aims and Objectives of the Association are:
(a) To promote the Science, Pharmacy, Healthcare and research in all facet.

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